Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Israel's Assault on Gaza: The Aftermath

Sorry, I have no words for this...


  1. because, ivan, you're uneducated as to the situation. stick to hip hop, buddy. you know very little about politics. perhaps if you knew that the palestinians were placing military targets in the middle of school and private zones, you would understand the israelis effecting palestinian casualties. if the palestinians weren't cowards and took military agendas out of the private sector, this wouldn't be as big of an issue. israel has been pounded by the smelly animals for years and so retribution has finally come. even your boy obama will support israel to the death. live with it, you ignorant animal.

    if all the arab countries put down their weapons, there would be no war in the middle east. if israel put down its weapons, there would be no israel.

    again, stick to hiphop/entertainment. you're good at that. no one wants to hear your politics, you neophyte moron.

  2. With despicable statements like that, I don't think you even deserve to breathe our planet's precious oxygen.

  3. Wow Ivan Don't listen to that Cunt.
    I guess he did not realize that you posted this video to show the effects of war and how it kills innocent civilians that had nothing to do with the situation.
    Don't listen to him and keep doing whatever you want.

  4. Ivan,

    Is there any way you can delete that fool's no-context having gibberish from this page? And Block his IP address while you are at it? I appreciate your posts brother, whether I agree with them or not. If that person cant, he can be gone.

  5. I do not condone whatsoever the killing of the 1200+ civilians by the IDF over the past month or so.

    However, I also do NOT think Hamas is the best thing for Gazans' safety. Case in point: despite the June 2008 ceasefire, (so-called) Hamas never stopped firing Qassam rockets and mortars indiscriminately across the Israeli border; this went on well before Israel's Nov. 4 raid, which many folk try to claim "broke" the ceasefire. A few months of endangering southern Israelis will eventually make the IDF try to incapacitate such rockets (which is what we saw in Operation Cast Lead).

    Still, though, you'd think one of the most advanced military forces in the world would be able to neutralize a threat without taking a thousand-plus civilians out with it. Whatever happened to that "Munich"-like precision?!!

  6. @ H. Bomb: I'm adamantly opposed to Hamas. Overwhelmingly, they are a violent, terrorist organization whose main objection is much less to protect the Palestinian people than it is to attack the Israelis (civilians and soldiers alike).

    But to me, they reflect the Palestinian population no more than the Crips and Bloods represent African Americans or the KKK represent White Americans in this country. Killing 1,000+ civilians is unjust.

    All in all, I agree with your assessment and I thank you for the mature reply.

    @ folabi & anon#2: I used to delete incendiary comments like those made by anon#1, but then it gives them the argument that I'm being anti-democratic. It's a fair argument. Even if the comments go way out of line (like this one did).

    I guess all I can do is wear it on the blog as a badge for everything that's wrong with the world, urging the necessary actions to do whatever we can to stop such unparalleled hatred.


  7. Yeah I know w'ah'ya'mean, you ignorant fool. Seriously, homie, get educated. That's the biggest problem in the US. ignorant young people. get a clue, Ivan. or better yet, pick up a newspaper...

  8. Coincidentally, if you read my latest post you'll find out that I've completed college.

    So.... The clue is yours to be got. Get it. :D

  9. And FYI, I subscribe to the NY Times, Commercial Appeal, NPR, The New Yorker, BBC and The Guardian (among others) via RSS.

    Just sayin'.

  10. First of all keep doing what you do because your blog is just great Ivan.

    That said, I think that anonymous, AKA mister knowitall has to get a REAL education, because calling people smelly animals ain't the best thing for proving how smart you are.

    While you're at it get a damn map of how Palestine territory has got since the creation of Israel. More than 500 women and KIDS dead is wrong, blowing up a UN local is wrong, PERIOD.

    Now think about something : how come the whole operation "stop whackos from firing at our Country" (which is totally their right) began by the end of the year, and stopped 2 DAYS before the new US president is in charge ?

    I think 60 years of "they did that to us so we must retaliate harder" is enough, and I hope we live enough to see everybody living peacefully, even mister "I insult people cuz I'm hiding behind the nickname Anonymous"

    Peace y'all

  11. Ok, this is killin me. . . most people don't understand the context for this whole thing. First, let us be clear: Zionism is not Judaism. Second, the actions of the Israeli government do not represent the will of all Jews throughout the diaspora any more than Bush represented the will of All American people.

    That being said, here is a link to an FAQ on Gaza written by Prof. Steven Shalom: . Its long, but definitely worth the read.

    Free Gaza.

  12. "if all the arab countries put down their weapons, there would be no war in the middle east. if israel put down its weapons, there would be no israel."

    there shouldn't be an Israel.

  13. BBC & The Guardian FTW!

    Im not writing anything else. I've responded to 'anonymous' before and its hard to educate the ignorant. Nothing wrong with differing opinions but there's no excuse for ignorance.

  14. there shouldn't be in israel? haha... okay, Hitler. keep living your miserable life, you hate-filled cunt. Ivan, college doesn't make you educated... it just means you took out mad loans. It takes will to learn and clearly if you think that what Israel is doing is unjust, then you should get a clue. You'd think black people would understand Jewish strife after slavery... but I guess not. Maybe you should remember how many hundreds of thousands of jews marched for civil rights in the 60's. es-jay should be lynched for that comment. for real.

  15. @ Funk Doc: I thought you might like that ;D

    @ anon: I disagree with es-jay. There should be an Israel. So let's get that out of the way.

    You'll be pleased to know that I "paid" my way through college grants (Pell/FAFSA), a scholarship and dean list deductions. No loans. :D

    It takes will to learn. Sure. It also takes will to be a Jew who opposes hostile, neo-conservative Zionism. That's me. I suppose you think folks like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Howard Zinn, Amy Goodman (and a whole bunch of other leftist, intellectual Jews) are just as "clueless" as I am, right?

    If that's your opinion, then clearly it's not academic experience that you're interested in. You would be more willing to listen to and agree with a brainwashed, uneducated, right-wing 12-year old then you would with any of the aforementioned Jewish intellectuals.

    What does that say about you?

  16. it says that i've made my point and likely have a better soapbox than this blog, kid. keep preaching politics on your hip hop anonymous. when you're my age, maybe you'll understand respect.

  17. LOL! Oh, wow. So now it's about age?! Fall back, man. You don't agree with my political views? Fine. I get it. No need to be so childishly antagonistic. You might be older than me, but you've got some serious growing up to do.

  18. you need to get a life, kid. your politics are rooted in hatred for a jewish nation. that is disgusting. if you don't think that israel is defending itself, then you simply don't understand politics in the middle east. as a former white house intern and the former junior president of the ACLU, i think i have something to stand on other than your little blog soap box. BOW DOWN BEFORE ME little guy! seriously though, you should move to gaza.

  19. Hatred for a Jewish nation!?!?!? I'M JEWISH!!!!!

    Do the Palestinian people not have a right to defend themselves? What would happen if they were to kill 1,000 Israelis in retaliation? That would be "terrorism", right? Oh, but if Israel does it, they're "defending themselves". I used to drink the pro-Israel kool-aid.... back in high-school. Then I opened my eyes.

    Since you've laid out your credentials, surely you wouldn't mind providing your first and last name as well, right?

  20. "I'm this, I'm that..." I think Anon is just pissed his homeboy Bush is gone back to Texas... go get a real education man. Yes, I say it : you still have a LOOOOOOT of work to do, and that makes me wonder that if you're as old as you claim to be, man you must be kinda frustratedn which will explain all your hatred comments...

    @ es-jay : I totally disagree with that, Israel AND PALESTINE should have a land for em.

    I've got a question for mister anon knowitall : how would you react if Israel had been created in, let's say Nevada ? :)

    Finally, Ivan you're just proving that you're a smart man and I respect that so I'll bow down before you ( :* Anon)


  21. Ismael, your parents must have been drunk when they named you... or on drugs. your name sound like a question, nephew. is mael? nah right...

  22. ivan, if u are a jew, stop talking like an ebonic bubbling black boy. edumacate thyself.

  23. Crowe: Really? Are you so uneducated about the origin of that name? Don't even get me started with Jewish and Christian names.....

    anon: Who are you to tell me not just what to say, but how to say it? Your first comment at the top of the page still remains for all my readers to revel in your arrogance and ignorance. Get a grip on life, man.

  24. Matter fact, hey anon: Give me your full name. I've contributed to the ACLU in the past and I'd like to speak to Ramona Ripston about racists like you being involved in the organization.

  25. "Pro-Israel" does not have to mean "pro-Zionist." Yes, Israel is currently known as the "Jewish state," (an inherently Zionist phrase) but Zionists' aim of a greater Israeli region free of "Arab murderers" only adds fuel to the Mid East fire.

    It's unrealistic to assume that Israel will one day freely allow Arabs to live within its borders (Jews are vastly outnumbered in the region, which would severely shift political scales in such a scenario), so the best we can hope for is a two-state solution where neither state is significantly influenced by crazyfucks like Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.

    Until that point is reached, Israel will always have a substantive rationale for the reactionary apartheid it practices to siphon off non-Jews (namely, Arabs like Hamas advocating an "Islamic Waqf" in the region totally free of Jews), and Palestinians will have all the more reason to consider Israel a state that hates their kind.

    If only the powers that be on all sides learned to share the land instead of having an all-or-nothing attitude... Finally, Genesis 15 actually comes in handy!

  26. Crowe... nah my parents weren't on drugs or drunked, but your joke makes me wonder if yours were aware about contraceptive methods before they had you son...

    Get a book, google the name and you may know where does it comes from, instead of making lame ass jokes, enough said...