Thursday, January 15, 2009

Angela Davis Speaks About Oscar Grant

Former Black panther & Fredom Fighter Angela Davis talks about the Oscar Grant case and why she is still fighting the police after 30 years. h/t Davey D


  1. Professor Davis, keeping it real. Too bad they left the auto-focus on, on the camera though.

  2. Question: Where are those ignorant "Anonymous" posters when the REAL issues regarding racial animus go down?

    Blackbird browser? Who gives a "F" about a damn browser but some dumb girls?

    That (Blackbird) ain't "racism", but cops shooting yet another unarmed "Black" man, face-down is...

    Ivan, for exposing such nonsensical police brutality, et al, on your site- you should be commended. It's a hip-hop public service.

  3. Thanks SG!

    It's bigger than hip hip.

  4. Thanks so much for posting this. I'm pretty sure you'll be one of the half handful of hip hop sites to actually post this. And Angela is STILL dope!

  5. Dellums and BART just failed. If it wasn't for all the peeps in the street nothing would have happened.

    The cop is in jail and being charged. The DA needs to get on it restore some trust in Dellums leadership.

  6. Thanks for posting this Ivan. I live in Oakland, and that is the bart station closest to my house. Since this happened, I'm glad that people have come out in full effect to show how f*cked up it is. I'm even more thankful for the passenger with the technology and the sense to go to the news with the video and properly expose the murder to the public. What's sad is that the Grant family doesn't support the rioting or violence that has come along with the protest, so it's unfortunate really that has to be a part of it at all. RIP Oscar Grant.