Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hip Hop Insomniacs Club: Masta Ace Inc. - 'Jeep Ass Niguh'

Masta Ace Incorporated - "Jeep Ass Niguh"

This track will be featured on our "Samples of the Year" edition of The Tape Deck. I'm offering my props and a virtual high-five to the first person who recognizes the portion on "Jeep Ass Niguh" that was used in a popular '08 track.

P.S. On Jay Leno, Scarlett Johansson combined Christmas and Chanukah as "Chronicah". And then she said "no, wait, that's a Dr. Dre holiday". She's awesome. <3


  1. i love a woman with a sense of humor.

  2. "Drivin' down the block like what else should a brotha do/ it's saturday, it's saturday, the heat might smother you..." Kidz In The Hall, "Drivin' Down The Block" is the song that sampled that, good sir....**puts hand in the air for high-five**

  3. Why does this remind me of Black Sheep?