Thursday, December 4, 2008

Keith Olbermann PWNs Bill O'Lielly

BillO stays losin'...


  1. How is this relevant to hip-hop? Is it because they mentioned MLK? Or because Bill O'Reilly used to beef with rappers? I remember roughly 6 months ago I asked a similar question, I also guessed that this site would eventually become more related to your views than it is to hip hop...guess I was right.

  2. you slippin on your pimpin man...

  3. Hey Ivan,

    I know you're interested in this kind of thing, so check out this link

  4. Jeff: Not everything on the site is directly relevant/related to hip hop. Keep in mind, this is my blog, not a hip hop news site.

    But I like I always say, I think that hip hop and politics go hand in hand.

    So yeah...

  5. Get real kid. Olbermann never schooled nobody.
    Y'all brainwashed on O'Reilly just like you are on Obama.
    Hiphop and politics have no realation.
    Hip-Hop may comment ON politics and Hiphoppas may have views on politics or even take part in the politrickal process, but it is what it is and related it ain't.
    Pure money pushes the liberal agenda. Get your facts straight.

  6. Uhuh. Yeah, there's nothing political about Public Enemy.

    Hip hop is the voice of the voiceless, "the masses, the lower classes", oppressed by a culture that thrives off of their servitude. Hip hop is a reaction to this suppression.

    You need to fall the fuck back and check yourself before you wrickety-wreck yourself.


  7. "Hip-Hop may comment ON politics and Hiphoppas may have views on politics or even take part in the politrickal process, but it is what it is and related it ain't."
    Seems you've overlooked that part.

    (From where I'm standing it appears your last two lines would have been better directed at yourself.)


  8. "It is what it is and related it ain't."

    That's your worthless commentary.

    Hip hop exists as a direct response to social and political disenfranchisement. Related... it is.

  9. Hiphop exists.
    One of many roles that it may play is that of a "response to social and political disenfranchisement," but that is hardly it's sole purpose.
    Hiphop as a whole is not political.
    I think that is where we disagree.
    Another point of confusion seems to be the fact that my commentary had far more to do with the naivete of your position in regards to politics than it did with Hiphop.

  10. You can't comment on my assumed political naivete if you've never spoken to me.

    Anyone who'd make that judgment proves their own naiveté.


  11. I started this so let me make one last comment, Ivan might never see this anyways but fuck it...

    I agree that Hip-Hop sometimes is a response from one culture to another, from what started as some african-americans feeling disenfranchised, abused, etc...but Hip-Hop was not caused by Politics, and Politics were not started from Hip-Hop. While they're both related they are not one in the same and therefore you should separate them. I feel that since this blog is called "Hip-Hp is Read" then it should be about hip-hop. Sure, you can post hip-hop songs that relate to Politics, but why post Politics that doesn't even relate to hip-hop? Regardless though its ultimately your choice since this is your feedback/comments/hating was due to the fact that I used to frequent this site on an hourly basis and now its on a yearly basis...reason being that you post all this hip-hop propaganda, mainly against Republicans (my political choice) and its leaving me feeling a little salty. But like I said, its your site, do you and be easy about it...but its not my cup of tea and maybe I want the old site back...


  12. Ah, so you're a hip hop Republican. That's the root of this curfuffle.

    Well, I'd like to remind you that this site has always been political, even when it had nothing to do with hip hop. For the record, this blog was started in mid-June 2007, and if you look back in our archives, there's a post titled "Olbermann At His Finest". When was it published? July 2007! Check it out:

    Here are some other early political posts:

    ^ Those are all from our first 2/3 weeks. If this site WASN'T always politically-oriented, then I would understand your complaint. But being that it was ALWAYS political and ALWAYS had a left-wing slant -- in unison with a bulk of the hip hop community -- I dunno what else I can say to you...

  13. I might add that this is one of reasons why this blog is so different from all the other hip hop blogs out there. Name me another personal blog that goes as deep into hip hop AND politics as this one!