Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Break A Bean, But I'm Not From Boston © Common

What's really good Dart?

Howdya like your lump of coal? :D

"You better watch out, I'm tellin' you why/
[Showtime's back and we're] breaking, marks dooooooooown/"


  1. The Celtics got their asses kicked by the Lakers last night. They finally showed the toughness and heart that an elite team is supposed to show, that's a good thing in my opinion.

    I'd like to see the LA Lakers go and maintain that same exact level of intensity for at least 20 games and not go and drop a game against a lesser opponent otherwise this game would've been all been for naught.

    Time to start another streak. Let's do this again with the Cavs on Jan 9th and the Lakers on Feb 5th in Boston.


  2. I wouldn't say the Celts got their asses kicked; the Lakers just pulled away late. And, as for "what's really good," remember that the C's were the ones who took home the hardware in June.


  3. Too bad our starting center was injured during the Finals....

  4. LOL You Laker fans are happy over 1 win? How lame is that? Ha Ha Ha What happen in the finals? With or without your "starting" center The Lake Show would not.. . Let me repeat "WOULD NOT" and won't beat the Celtics in a serious! Bask in this win, lets see who takes home the ship!! ?