Thursday, November 20, 2008

You Can't Make This Shit Up...

Soon after Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey for Thanksgiving, she was interviewed in front of a slaughterhouse... which was slaughtering turkeys... during her interview!


  1. Yo! Dude in the background is literally laughing as he is working no less.

  2. american politics seem so ridiculous to me. i'm not following it a whole lot but i get the feeling that they pretty much say what they think people wanna hear.

    how much obama is left in obama?
    If you know what i mean...
    how much of what he says and does are his advisors and the people financing his campaign and what parts are actually derived from his character, common sense, knowledge, education, personal stand and background?

    no offence, i know people feel strongly about this. I'm just weary of that much money involved in positions of power in the US today.

    I fucking love the sample part of your blog though. it's absolutely magnificent and I cannot thank you enough for putting that much work into it!
    the jazzmen

  3. why are we still talkin about this idiotic hick?
    please just let her vanish already!

  4. Don't worry I got you..."Poof, vamoose son of a b***h"