Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Tape Deck '08: Volume #14

In an effort to give you new music as soon as possible, I'll be putting these Tape Deck volumes out without reviews. Writing a review for each track was becoming a drag in trying to get you new music on time. I might continue doing reviews here and there, perhaps as a monthly recap. Fair enough?

On average, each volume of The Tape Deck is about 200 MB in size. This way I can maximize the amount of music you receive per download (RS has a 200 MB cap). Also, in response to a reader/ user who was dissatisfied with the MP3 tags, I've beckoned to your request. No more "Hip Hop Is Read" as the artist. Happy? Anyways, here goes Volume #14. Enjoy! (#15 is coming real, real soon...)


  1. Not happy,..
    1. hate to say this but I would rather have the opinion with the music. If the music is a few days late so be it.. the time saved from listening to *bullshh!t* is well worth it.

    2. The Artist label..err I was the same way.. but I have mediamonkey (offensively named but rather good) which makes my re-tagging effortless and helps me stay organized.

    I will now fade back in the corner and continue to lurk about

  2. 1. Well, either way you'll be downloading the whole set as is. I'm pretty sure you can make a good judgment based on what you hear. :D

    2. Like they say, you can please some people sometimes but you can't please all the people all the time.

    Emerge from whereforth you came oh creeper of the blog. Translation: Comment more!