Monday, November 17, 2008

Ridiculous Cipher: De La Soul + Mos Def + + Nas (w/Kanye West, Consequence, Damon Albarn and more...)

It's been a while since I've seen a live video that got me stirred up out of my chair like this one right here. The show went down in London, and from the thirteen-minute-long clip I just saw, I'm sure it was a crowd pleaser of the finest caliber. Some key highlights:

  • Trugoy 'n Posdnuos back at it!
  • kickin' dirty rhymes like the Ruthless days
  • Green Lantern pickin' classics from the crates
  • Mos Def spittin' Talib Kweli's verse from "Definition"
  • Nas, out of nowhere, droppin' "Made You Look", "Nas is Like", "Halftime" & "Represent"
  • Mos returns for a quick "Ms. Fat Booty" rendition
Meanwhile, Kanye West was strolling around lookin' like the Robot Dancing Man from Chappelle's Show. LOL... How often do we get to see this kinda sh*t? Not enough...

Still, it's the reason why...


  1. London baby!!!! (Even though im not from there!)

    Saw this a couple days ago. Good to see some dudes just having fun with it. Kanye was scared to spit!

    Shame there's no good UK rappers to join in...

    (Cue hate from Grime fans!)

  2. What the hell was Damon Albarn doing?

  3. I think he was just hosting the spot.

  4. What would have been ridiculous if if Lupe was there. Him and Damon coulda done A Rhyming Ape: Live. That was a cool mixtape.