Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tell McCain to End the Politics of Hate (Video by Brave New Films)

This video is dedicated to the idiots who disagreed with my op-ed piece discussing The Game's statement on race, which I titled Memo to The Game: Yes, It's Still About Race. How much longer will our country -- and the world for that matter -- have to deal with this bullshit? This election is a wake up call for Americans to take a good look at themselves in the mirror. Ask yourselves: Do you like what you see?


  1. oh yeah the, post you made where you deleted over 30 comments you didn't agree with.. it is genius that you bring that up again. congratulations big guy.

  2. oh and for you new question.. "how much longer"...

    well as long as idiots give racists credit and spotlights like this. as long as people grow up thinking skin color makes a difference. who knows how long that will be but that as the answer. you could choose to ignore or look past it when it happens like the wise do. or you can keep pouting when an idiot says something racist. or an idiot perpetuates the whole issue by brining it up in a redundant light.

    "it ain't about race no more"


    i like what i see. most people are so insecure and hate filled that they can't even feel comfortable being them selves.

  3. Your comments were a practice in banality. Congratulations.