Friday, October 10, 2008

The Tape Deck: Volume #7 (Reviews)

Been a while since I dropped one of these. I've got so many tracks that I want to share with y'all that I've also already got Volume #8 lined up to be released real soon. Let's go in order though and begin with #7. Plenty of good hip hop to hold you down for a while:

50 Cent - Get Up
Is it just me or does the intro to this track sound like the music from Super Mario World 2 on the SNES when you're about to play a boss. Okay, nerd alert aside, I kinda like this track. Granted, I'm not a huge Fiddy fan, but it definitely works at displaying Curtis at prime form once again. I've got a feeling that 50's fans will enjoy the new album after that abomination he dropped last year.
Akon & Lil Wayne - I'm So Paid
Am I the only who feels like Akon has progressively/gradually become detrimental to feature tracks? I mean, back in the day when he did tracks with Styles P ("Locked Up") and Young Jeezy ("Soul Survivor"), they were the chit! Now everything's a dud. This one's bust as well. Weezy's verse can't hold the weight on this one...
Bun B vs Of Montreal - Gallery Piece Of Everything (DJ ABX Mash Up)
I love mash ups. This one's pretty nice. DJ ABX of The Hood Internet throws vocals by Bun B, Rick Ross, David Banner, 8Ball & MJG over Of Montreal's "Gallery Piece". The result makes for a funky indie/crunk posse cut.
Busta Rhymes - Light Up a Fire
Don Cannon proves a Mark Ronsonesque soundscape for Busta to splatter his aggressive lyrics. I like this track, but I still prefer "Don't Touch Me (Throw da Water on 'em)" much, much more. If B.O.M.B. sounds like that, then I'll be very, very happy.
Cassidy & Murda Mook - Expect the Unexpected
This song sounds like it's been on the cutting room floor since '04/'05. The same sample was popping back then on a Jim Jones joint, and these two emcees were being introduced as the new big names in underground rap circles. I definitely didn't expect to hear these two -- particularly Mook -- return with such ferocity.
Charles Hamilton - Lacey Duvalle
First and foremost: I share the sentiments, Charles! LOL.... Hamilton goes in -- with the hopes of going in-er, if you catch my drift -- on his muse Lacey Duvalle. I've had my gripes in the past over Hamilton's flow -- and I still do -- but at least I'll give him props once again for bringing something new -- and funny -- to the table. My only problem with homie is that he sounds like he's on tranquilizers AND lying down AND rapping from the other room. He needs to notch up his energy level. I know he bounces around the blog-o-verse, so hopefully he'll read this and take my suggestion(s) into consideration.
Ciara - Go Girl (Remix feat. T-Pain & J.Rocwell)
I've always felt that this track coulda and shoulda been a solo joint. To me, the T-Pain feature is hugely unnecessary as I feel that Ms. Ci-Ci can hold her own. Oh well.... J.Rocwell hops on this joint to drop some silly rhymes. Nothing spectacular here...
Crooked I - Holding My Chain (feat. Jay P)
Filler. Wrong direction for Crook'.
DMX - Built Like a Bitch
This beat is nasty and DMX sounds pissed-the-F off! This is a great way to hype up his next album. I hope DMX can pull himself out of the holes he's dug for himself over the years. Hopefully -- sadly, not likely -- this new album can help out.
East Coast Avengers - Dear Michelle
I'm of the belief that Michelle Malkin's soul is comprised of pure evil. It seems like the East Coast Avengers' interpretation ain't too far off from mine. As always, E.C.A. drops bombs on another chickenhawk pundit. Ivan is pleased.
East Coast Avengers - Kill Bill O'Reilly (Remix)
If you loved the O.G. mix, you should enjoy this one too. E.C.A. go in on a haunting new beat as they vent their frustrations towards Papa Bear Bill O.
Evidence - The Layover
EV reps CA as he spits over the title track for his upcoming release. Nothing great, but I've still got my hopes up.
Freeway - Baby Back (Produced by Blunt)
Naw this ain't a Chili's commercial. Freeway keeps on going with these soulful cuts (he's been featured four times already on The Tape Deck with this amazing style). If it was up to Freeway, Roc-A-Fella's glory days would be rejuvenated. When will Hov and Ye' get the message?
Freeway & Young Chris - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Naughty By Nature Tribute)
Freeza and Chris go in on this NBN classic. Beat's classic. Vocal sample on the chorus is classic. Free and Chris perform quite fittingly on this tribute. Worth a listen.
Gatsby The Great - Birth of a Nation (Prod. by Small Professor)
The beat on this joint is striking: lush strings and that familiar "Paid in Full" break beat courtesy of Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers. Gatsby's vocals and lyrics are on point with emotion and swagger. I wanna hear more from this cat...
Grafh - Chew 'Em Up (feat. Crooked I)
Wow! Remember this beat? Grafh and Crook' craft a dope East meets West cipher session.
Grafh - We Out Here (feat. Young Chris)
Back in the day, these guys were supposed to become label mates, so it's no surprise that a collab like this felt so natural. The duo flows over a simple, minimal beat.
Guap Boyz - Head Knock (Radio Edit)
Holy ish! Ja Rule is alive!?!?!?? The good Ja Rule? I'm amped for some new Ja. (Be honest: In retrospect, the music that Ja put out back in the 90's/early '00's was infinitely better than Fiddy's trash).
James Taylor & Stephen Colbert - Why No Wu-Tang Clan? (Interlude)
(DL the full .zip to hear this funny interlude)

Jay-Z - Lick a Shot for Obama
Not a song, just an interlude. The Jigga man drops some political knowledge over a revamped "Dead Presidents" beat.
Ludacris - One More Drink
Funky beat: It sounds like a lullaby pummeled with heavy claps, kicks and snares. Luda kicks that pimp talk on this interesting track. This joint definitely has some radio appeal, but I know Mr. Bridges can do better than this.
Mistah Fab - Short But Funky (Prod. by 6th Sense) (Too $hort Tribute)
Scratch ^ that ^ last comment. THIS track is funkaaaayyyy. I'm glad that Short Dogg's been getting more exposure this year as he's been honored by hip hop. Like Free and Chris, Mistah Fab does this original track justice.
Naledge, MarVo, Really Doe, Bump J, Mikkey Halstead & GLC - Swagger Like Chi
I'm gonna off myself if I hear another one of these remixes! I only peeped this one to hear Really Doe, Bump J and GLC. I wasn't disappointed, but I'd prefer if these cats got their own swagger!!!
Papoose - Pop That Chain
Full disclosure: I've been a Papoose fan since 2004. I've got all of his mixtapes. All of them!!!! And this track... is... shameful! It's bad enough that I've been waiting for The Nacirema Dream for ages. Now Pap is switching up his style in favor of the Auto-Tune trend that sweeping the nation like a plague? Lord have mercy!! With great mic skills comes great responsibility. Pap has let me down...
Praverb - Blessed With The Gift
Quotable: "I'm Gizmo to y'all, we kill Gremlins." Sorry, I'm an '80's baby, so I had to bump that. Praverb proves once again why he's "The Wyse" one!
Ron Browz, Jay-Z & Nas - Pop Champagne (Mick Boogie Remix)
Mick makes some neat mixes. This one includes some Nas and Jay acapellas from way back. You already know how I feel about this "Pop Champagne" track though... I'd rather hear Jay and Nas over some Premo or Pete Rock beats instead. Even if they're just remixes.
Solange - Sandcastle Disco (Remix feat. J.Rocwell)
Yes, J.Rocwell wants to knock boots with every R&B songstress in existence. Best of luck to ya J... ;D
T.I. - On Top of the World (feat. B.O.B. & Ludacris)
A few years ago, this collaboration would have been impossible because of weird frictions between Tip and Luda's camps. It's clear that after all the hype these two are at the top of the world of southern hip hop. A remix with Lil Wayne would be apt. Catchy beat and hook. Can't complain too much...
Three-1-Zero & C-San - Preview
Cali is in the building! Decent track, but I've heard better from Three-1-Zero.
Web - Blood Brothers (feat. Shane Eli)
Interesting thematic track right here. Web and Shane spit some ol' "Coming of Age" type chit as they describe what a blood brother is.


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