Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Tape Deck: Volume #6 (Reviews)

We gets it innnnn!!!! Numero Seis is finally here...:

RE: Blogg3r been fuggin' up. Here's the re-up (power2thepeople):

Alchemist - My Money is My Bitch (feat. Mack Maine)
This track won't be released on ALC's new album, and that's a bit of a shame. This track bangs heavy! The beat's got an 8 Ball/Dope Boy feel to it, which is pretty cool as a West coast standard/style, and ALC's concept on the track is both funny and fierce.
Dela - Long Life (feat. Talib Kweli)
Leave it to Kweli to snatch up the first rating on The Tape Deck. Granted, these reviews and ratings are strictly my opinion (although I do try to write/critique from an expansive hip hop view), but I'm confident that everyone who loves hip hop will fall into a trance over this track. The production is out of this world with it's transient and lush elements, but it pulls you in and back down to earth with a raw drum break. Talib's lyrics hit hard as well ("Just because a n*gga go to jail don't make him Malcolm X/"). Beautiful track. Highly recommended. Favorite track in a long, long time; hands down! No joke this track has the potential to be a classic if it gets enough play.
DJ Kay Slay - Up in Harlem (feat. Juelz Santana, Hell Rell & J.R. Writer)
Dipset is back!... Sorta. This track feels like it was dropped out of 2005. Maybe it was... Either way, this is a nice throwback-style track. Worth a peep.
East Coast Avengers - Vengeance (feat. Termanology & Apathy)
The whole album is ill (cop it @ UGHH), and I felt like sharing one of my favorites. From the boys who brought you "Kill Bill O'Reilly", "Vengeance" borrows bars from Connecticut legend Apathy and New Yiddy up-and-comer Termanology. "Vengeance" is just what you'd expect following "Kill Bill O'Reilly", though it's not quite as direct and/or threatening - not to say there aren't any threats: "We walk over ya, you could bank on it/ I'm a night walker, day crawler/ Bright schola', might holla/ Rhodes school, aight y'all, uh/ Fuck you white collar backstabbers/ I stand over Ann Coulter/". Protect your neck & chest for this one!
EPMD - Run It (Duke Dumont Mix)
Weird as hell! So weird that I felt it must be included in this volume of The Tape Deck. This one's definitely got some party and/or club appeal. Radio DJ's might be interested for this one...
Evidence - Bigger Dreams
Dilated Peoples' emcee Evidence hops on the instrumental for The Game's "Big Dreams" (which I felt should have been placed on L.A.X.). He reps the West coast, shouting out all his fellow indie mic poets (Defari, Planet Asia, Blu, Self Scientific and more).
Grafh - Celebrate (feat. Jew Dew)
NY emcee Grafh picks up an instru for Rick Ross's "This Me" as he ciphers with the Semitically named Jew Dew. Nothing too special here.
Peter Rosenberg - 'erk Off (DL the full .zip to hear this funny interlude)

Ron Browz - Pop Champagne (Remix feat. Swizz Beatz, Lil Kim & Ludacris)
It's a good thing I don't listen to the radio that much or I'd probably be exhausted from hearing this song by now. Thankfully, I've only heard it a couple of times so peeping the remix wasn't too much of a burden on me... 'til I heard it. In my book, Lil Kim's already-diminished respect gets downgraded with this track. Why? She's fuckin' with the Auto-Tune? C'mon now! Why does this bullshit have to be a trend? T-Pain, Snoop, Weezy and Yeezy should be enough! Whatever... The good news is that Ludacris upholds his penchant for demolishing feature tracks.
Royce Da 5'9" - Live Your Life (I'm Nice Pt. 2)
From what we've heard from him lately, Royce means business! He absolutely rips T.I.'s "Live Your Life" beat as his guest singer (anonymous chick -- that's what I'll call her) imitates (quite well and accurately) Rihanna's vocals with tweaked-up lyrics.
Royce Da 5'9" - Shot Down
Another pop track; another hardcore remix by Royce Da 5'9". As you can tell from the title, Royce adds some violent flava to Kanye's "Love Lockdown". Like the previous Royce track, this one imitates the original vocals proficiently. Royce adds the same Auto-Tune and muffled sound to make it sound just like Yeezy. This shit'll have you laughing...
Sheek Louch - Gorilla Black
This is the kinda solid gutter rap that you'd expect from one of Yonker's Finest; you know, the kind of mixtape tracks that stand out. Nothing too special, but it's always nice to hear S. Luciano kick some bars. Now all we've gotta wait for is a new Guerilla Black song called "Sheik Louch".
Skyzoo & Mazzi - Dirt All By My Lonely (Prod. by 6th Sense)
Producer/emcee 6th Sense facilitates this beat as a tribute to Naughty By Nature's track by the same title. Emcees Skyzoo and Mazzi do the Jersey rap group justice as well - as a part of Hip Hop Honors' salute to NBN.
Styles P & Sheek Louch - Smashtime Radio
Some more raw ish from the gritty depths of D-Block! This time it's a tag-team effort with Paniro and Luciano as they rip the mic for Clinton Sparks. Solid bars, frenetic soul sampled beat. 'nuff said.
Sway - Silver & Gold (feat. Akon)
This might be the track to take Sway to the top! I can't say that I'm completely feeling it, but I'll admit that it's a solid effort for some decent radio play and club exposure. All the power to ya Sway, just don't lose your focus along the way!
Tha Dogg Pound - Attitude Problem (feat. Cassidy & Swizz Beatz)
This track is basically a composite of DPG's "Sittin' on 23z" along with every Cassidy/Swizz collab in existence. It's got some appeal initially, but 0% replay value. There were rumors that Kurupt and Daz were gonna do an all-Pete Rock-produced album. I sure hope so! Ditch the One Man Band Man and roll with the Soul Brother!