Monday, October 6, 2008

T.1. P@P3R TR@1L [The Samples]

You can't stop the Hurricane!!!!

......aaaaaaaand another one! Tip's album is actually pretty good if you get into it (it's certainly better than his God-awful release from '07). A cool thing about this album which I noticed right off the bat was the use of some really odd samples. First and foremost, that Rihanna track has been buzzing for it's pure hilarity. Just Blaze mixing that annoying O-Zone track? Wow....... (C) Flav. Then we've got "Whatever You Like" featuring one of the Rocky theme songs as well as M.I.A. "Paper Planes" used for "Swagga Like Us". It's funny to see how a silly movie could turn this M.I.A. track back into a hit (I was bumpin' this 'ish last year, damnit). Anyways, this one's short (like many other Southern rap sample sets), but it's definitely worth peepin'. Turn it up!


  1. The link is already dead...

  2. Sorry, I forgot to add the new link for this post.

    It's been added now ;D

  3. i swear what up whats haapenin has a sample in it and drumma boy played over it if u listen close it sounds like there is a loop behind everything else