Sunday, October 5, 2008

Production Kit: Swizz Beatz

The Monstah! Production kit volume one is kinda weird and kinda neat because it takes its samples directly from the songs themselves. In fact, the samples on this kit are arranged by song title. Here, lemme show you:
Volume One:
4 "B.B." Drum Samples
5 "Coast 2 Coast" Drum Samples
4 "Hell and Back" Drum Samples
6 "I'm a Hustla" Drum Samples
6 "Jigga My Nigga" Drum Samples
8 "Jurassic Harlem" Drum Samples
6 "S.H.Y.N.E." Drum Samples
7 "Stop" Drum Samples
4 "Take It" Drum Samples
4 "WW3" Drum Samples
1 Vocal Sample of Swizz Saying "Woo" (I use this on my beats, sometimes)

Volume Two:
63 Assorted Swizz Soundz


  1. This post would have been funnier if you had posted a picture of one of those old-school Casio mini keyboards. Oh well. Great idea for a series, though.

  2. I posted some Casio samples in the Jay-Z Construction Set post.