Sunday, October 5, 2008

Production Kit: Kanye West

Four Kanye West production kits! Truth be told, there's a lot of overlap between these two kits, but there are a few sounds which are exclusive to each one. I zipped 'em up as one file for one easy download. Here's the rundown:
Volume One:
5 Bass Samples
4 Claps Samples
1 Conga Sample
1 Drum Roll
8 Guitar Licks & Samples
2 Hi-Hats
2 Horn Hits
42 Key Samples (Piano, Organ etc.)
3 Keyboard Samples
22 Kick Samples
2 Shaker Samples
19 Snare Samples
5 Violin Samples
30 Miscellaneous Sounds

Volume Two:
5 Bass Samples
4 Claps
1 Conga Sample
8 Guitar Licks & Other Samples
2 Hi-Hat Samples
2 Horn Hits
5 Keyboard Samples
23 Kicks
6 Piano Samples
2 Shaker Samples
19 Snare Samples
5 Violin Samples
17 Miscellaneous Sounds

Volume Three:
15 Kanye Claps
100 Kanye Hats
150 Kanye Kicks
150 Kanye Snares

Volume Four:
95 Vinyl Keys
15 Kit Sounds ("Gold Digger", "Diamonds", "Drop Out"...)
21 Bass Samples
21 Kanye EFX
21 Guitar Sounds
42 Hats
104 Kicks
33 Percussions
102 Snares
11 Assorted Sounds


  1. Dun. Slow down. You could released all these kits over a month! Good looking though.

  2. KanYe didn't release an official instrumental for "Everything I Am", so, I made my own- thanks for the production kits!

    For the beat, I used 96% of the Original sample by Prince Philip Mitchell & virtually non of KanYe's track until the DJ Premier outro; of course KanYe set up the template.


    Link's in my screen name

  3. Are the timbo keys cleared for sample usage..?