Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lupe Fiasco - Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor [The Samples]

Food & Liquor was one of the first albums which I reviewed for About.com (check it out right here). After several initial spins, I felt -- and still do -- that both the album and Lupe as an artist are revolutionary to the art form of hip hop. Point blank period, he brings something "new" to a game which tends to recycle and procrastinate over the "old". His lyrical skills are unparalleled -- calling him the Rakim of the 2000's is quite apt, in my opinion -- as he delves into profound sociocultural and political topics, issues which inspire and enlighten me. But here we are in our Sample Sets/Sample & Example feature so I've gotta discuss the beats that Lupe hopped on (along with their original sample sources).

While his second album, The Cool, featured only a handful of samples, all but one of Food & Liquor's tracks (intro/outro tracks not included) made use of those nifty milk crate-dwellers. Nearly every track on this album flipped a sample - some rare, some rarer! Like I just mentioned, this contrasts greatly with The Cool. With that being said, you might find it rewarding to compare Food & Liquor with The Cool solely based on beats and production. You might discover that you have a preference -- be it conscious or not -- of sampled beats over original compositions or vice versa! A little food for thought... But I digress.

Next to our Kala set, the sample compilation for Food & Liquor is one of the most musically diverse sets you'll ever listen to. Some of these samples were flipped in miraculously neat ways if you pay close attention to 'em. The crazy part is the digging which went in to all of this. Filipino music mixed with Blaxploitation crates? Damn! Only hip hop... Only hip hop... Turn it up!!


"Daydreamin'" (featuring Jill Scott)

"I Gotcha" (featuring Pharrell)

"Kick, Push"


  1. Ivan, you, and the greatness associated with you, may be able to get your hands on the sample from the F&L Intro/Outro.

    It features in the critically acclaimed landmark motion picture 'Step Up':

    "Crazy Strings"
    Written and Performed by Chris N Drop

    I can't get it anywhere, not even from the producer himself.

  2. Paul: Do I know you from WTCorp? Anyways, I know exactly what you're talking about. This is a track that I was searching for as well about a year ago. I've also communicated with the producers as well through Myspace and I've come to the following conclusion: The track "Crazy Strings" was merely an instrumental used for a dance scene in Step Up. Right? Well, it seems as if Lupe might have liked that instru and chose to use it as his intro & outro tracks. It's be comparable to a freestyle rapper spitting over beats like "A Milli" or "Paper Planes". While they use the original beat, it wouldn't technically be considered "sampling". Feel me?

  3. Agreed Ivan, it's simply Crazy Strings being spoken over, I just wish it was available instead of me having to sit through that film.
    Thanks for all your good work, your grind is grindnificent.

  4. Same here, I wish it was available too. That beat is KNOCKIN'!!!!

  5. ..And He Gets the Girl samples Maybe by N*E*R*D

    Theme Music to a Drive By samples ''(Do It, Do It) No One Does It Better'' by The Spinners