Thursday, September 4, 2008

?uestlove, The Funky Drummer: Volume One

I'm proud to present ?uestlove, The Funky Drummer Volume One! Hopefully this will be the first of many, many releases to come in the future. Straying away from Roots tracks (as mentioned in my previous post), we'll be featuring some of ?uestlove's greatest work -- a lot of which you may have never heard of! It's eclectic and fun, so just kick back and lounge or jump up and go nuts. Nothing but good music here... Enjoy:

  1. “We Live in Philly” by DJ Jazzy Jeff
    • From the album The Magnificent (2002)
    • Drums by ?uestlove [Discogs]
    • Featuring Jill Scott
  2. Geto Heaven (Remix T.S.O.I. [The Sound Of Illadelph])” by Common
    • From the album Like Water for Chocolate (alternate version) (2000)
    • Drums by ?uestlove [Discogs]
    • Featuring Macy Gray
  3. “Sometimes” by Bilal
    • From the album 1st Born Second (2001)
    • Drums by ?uestlove [Discogs]
  4. “Lil Big Heads" by J*DaVeY
    • From the album The Beauty In Distortion & The Land Of The Lost (2008)
    • Co-produced by ?uestlove [Discogs]
  5. “Greatdayndamornin'/Booty” by D'Angelo
    • From the album Voodoo (2000)
    • Drums by ?uestlove [Discogs]
  6. “Booty” by Erykah Badu
    • From the album Mama's Gun (2000)
    • Drums by ?uestlove [Discogs]
  7. “Valerie” by Mark Ronson
    • From the album Version (2007)
    • Percussion by ?uestlove [Discogs]
    • Featuring Amy Winehouse
  8. “Same Shit Different Day Pt. 1” by Jaguar Wright
    • From the album Denials Delusions and Decisions (2002)
    • Produced by ?uestlove [Discogs]
  9. “Loving You” by Carol Riddick
    • From the album Larry Gold Presents Don Cello And Friends (2003)
    • Produced/drums by ?uestlove [Discogs]
  10. “You've Got the Love I Need” by Al Green
    • From the album Lay It Down (2008)
    • Produced/drums by ?uestlove [Discogs]
    • Featuring Anthony Hamilton
  11. “Philadelphia Freedom” by The Philadelphia Experiment
    • From the album The Philadelphia Experiment (2001)
    • Drums by ?uestlove [Discogs]
  12. “Endless Railway” by DJ Krush
    • From the album Zen (2001)
    • Featuring ?uestlove [Discogs]


  1. hot shit. gotta love questo. thanks, and keep bringing the good shit to the people.

  2. make sure you buy the albums, people... a lot of these are great, and you'd have been up on the ?uest-related songs, if you weren't already before this bootleg.

  3. Great compilation! Oh, and you got a shoutout on the official okayplayer blog:

  4. ?uestlove is the illest! "the home of old school hip hop"

  5. Thank you so much for this project. To anyone obsessed with rhythm like I am, ?uestlove is one of the most important people on the planet and one of the deepest drummers ever. I mostly check out Roots albums to listen to his beats.

  6. Dude, this is dope, but i cant find this on any place... can you re-up please ??
    Salutes from Chile. Keep It Real..