Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ice Cube - Death Certificate [The Samples]

In honor of the release of Ice Cube's new album Raw Footage -- hitting shelves this Tuesday -- we're putting out a sample set for some more classic Cube steez (go pick up our AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted set if you haven't by now). This one took quite a while to compile (it's massive), but we finally cracked it: the samples used on Ice Cube's epic, double-platinum album Death Certificate. It's got all the usual West coast/G-funk suspects: Funkadelic/Parliament, James Brown, Zapp... plus several suprises! Enjoy this monstrosity of a music-packed folder. At over 550 MB's of data (76 tracks), you might wanna let this one DL overnight. LOL! Anyways, enjoy - and go cop that Raw Footage!


  1. NMAD (In Mirrors (not really seeing the movie (although female lead is...yeah save that for the after hours)). This is a massive set and thanks million (spelled out the word, kids). This album may be Cube at his best.

  2. I'm in awe of this set. Good work!

  3. Great stuff Ivan. I'm not gonna download this right now because I'm struggling to do so here on holiday, but I know that one of your previous sample sets featured 'Long Red' by Mountain but wasn't the correct version. You need the live version from Mountain Live. Hit me by e-mail if you want it.

    Alternatively, if this is the correct version, just completely ignore me ;)



  4. Yeah.... We post so many sets, and a lot of them have Long Red. We usually throw up the "Louder" (Live) ones. On a couple occasions, the LP version has slipped through the cracks ;-/

    Rest assured, this one (Death Certificate 'The Samples') has the live version though. With such a huge set, I'd be damned if I had to re-zip and re-upload it!


    Thanks as always Dan!

  5. Massive set!
    Next in line has to be the predator, got dope samples too.

  6. Great, downloading right now, My fave Cube album! Many thanks!

  7. Holy Sh$t, damn, etc. WTF? Grrrrrrrrrreat!
    Keep on with the keep on. Lovin' it yeah. One love from Shorty Rock. Peace

  8. This St. Louis DJ is appreciative for what you have done.

  9. the second part in lost ;( Please, Please, Please Reup Ivan!!!