Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise [The Samples]

Damn! With all the excitement surrounding my birthday, I had completely forgotten that I had this set wrapped up (and uploaded)! I initially got the idea for it because Coolio and I share the same birthday! Better late than never, right? Gotta love that Stevie sample... Enjoy!


  1. I cant front, I was a Coolio fan back then.

    Gangsta's Paradise really opened up a new audience for Hip Hop worldwide. I saw so many people get into rap music off the back of that one song!

  2. ^ Me included. It was the first rap song I memorized word-by-word.

  3. SNAP! I used to watch MTV's US Top 20 just to hear the track. I memorised it before any of my (no cable having) friends had even heard it. It was like 2-3 months later that it was out here in the UK.

    I remember spittin it (trying to spit!) at my friends on a class trip. I was the shit that day! ;-)