Sunday, July 13, 2008

Run-D.M.C. - Raising Hell [The Samples]

Another short but necessary sample set for arguably Run-D.M.C.'s most popular album: Raising Hell. This is perhaps the first album that made the music industry take a good hard look at all of hip hop's potentials, what with the corporate affiliations with Adidas and the collaborative efforts with Aerosmith on 'Walk This Way'. All in all, a great album that changed the game. And like we always do at this time, here are the samples for that album. Enjoy!


  1. Man, do you ever stop? Thanks a lot homie.

  2. how is Mickey sampled in It's Tricky?

  3. Well, actually, Mickey and My Sharona are similar (one ripped off the other), so I decided to include them both.