Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Das EFX - Dead Serious [The Samples]

Been bumpin' that new(-ish) Jean Grae/9th Wonder album with the Dead Serious mock-cover, and I thought: higgedy-heyyyyy! I quickly compiled this wonderful set and it's higgedy-here! This sickity-sick collection of samples will biggity-blast your speakers with its riggity-raw funkiness. You miggity-must cop this shit! .........iggity!


  1. good album and even better set, tnx.

  2. The more early-mid-90s golden era sample sets the better!! Great choice for a set Ivan. I'd love one for Straight Up Sewaside too.

  3. the sample set things suck balls. yall are so off, it's laughable.