Saturday, July 26, 2008

Boogie Down Productions - Sex and Violence [The Samples]

Though his partner Scott La Rock passed away in 1987, KRS-One continued to hold the Boogie Down Productions title for half a decade. Sex and Violence, the final BDP album, featured some classic cuts like "Build and Destroy" and "We in There". This sample set right here completes our attempt at covering all of the samples used throughout BDP's studio discography. Big up to KRS-One & D-Nice! Peace to DJ Scott La Rock!


  1. Thank you homie. Diggin that album cover.

  2. Your site is the best. I love these sample sets. Keep up the great work.

  3. ivan u did the fool on this bdp collection homie,.,hope u checked out geto essentials pt. 2.,

  4. Been chasing a sample used in the title track for years. very short appears twice. first at 2.38, then at 3.59. if anyone has any idea would greatly appreciate

  5. ''13 and Good'' also samples ''Sade
    Super Bien Total''

    Drug Dealer samples
    What's It All About by The Sylvers

    who are the pimps samples
    Apache by Incredible Bongo Band