Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boogie Down Productions - Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop [The Samples]

More old school heat right here! KRS-One continued to perform under the BDP title for a few more years, and this is the great third album which Nas referenced in his beef with Jay-Z. All that aside, Ghetto Music... right here was monumental in its own right with brilliant tracks like 'Why Is That?' and 'Jack of Spadez'. The samples are great too and unlike some other sets, this one plays smoothly as a track-by-track playlist. Dig in and enjoy!


  1. Nice to see someone putting in effort. Is this your own thing, collecting samples, and putting htem toghether, or is this something you found somewehere else?

    People say i have a unclear way of asking them questions, i do not know why.

  2. Yeah, I started back in November with Jay-Z's 'American Gangster' album and it just kinda took off. Other blogs started following suit and it's become this big thing.

    It's fun... ;D

    Oh, and I understood your question... ;D

  3. Peace Ivan, I'm feeling the rarer sets you're putting together.

  4. Another album from my high school years that I never saw anyone else with. It's still the best version of "The Blueprint". There were no samples for "The Style You haven't Done Yet"? I always thought that song originated from a sample.


  5. I really respect your work. I am a fan

  6. do you know the sample for The Style You Haven't Done Yet