Thursday, July 24, 2008

Above the Law - Black Mafia Life [The Samples]

You asked for it and we brought it! Well, actually FXS hooked it up (he's killin' it on these West coast classics). Here we've got ATL's third album (requested by our readers). Featuring heavyweights like 2Pac, Eazy E and MC Ren, Black Mafia Life may have been ATL's biggest album. Accordingly, it's also a pretty big sample set (34 tracks total). You can't have G-Funk without "funk", and this set is filled with it. Let's start the show!


  1. A dose of the megaflex!!! Can't thank you enough for this joint!!! Damn, this was my shit back in the day. I love Dr. Dre for all he's done in the game, but he "borrowed" quite a bit from Big Hutch aka 187um and the sound that ATL created. If anybody out there has Above the Law instrumentals please post them jawns (hit us off with that Voo-Doo!)! Much thanks and appreciation for this effort.....y'all is flooding the internuts with these sample set jawns!

  2. Thank you very much for posting this one. This is one of my favorite West Coast Albums of all time.