Monday, May 26, 2008

Jay-Z - The Grey Album (w/DJ Danger Mouse) [The Samples]

I know, I know... Kinda pointless? Perhaps. But I thought it'd be cool to restructure The Beatles' The White Album tracks that Danger Mouse flipped so that it would play in the same order as The Grey Album, the remix album that started it all. Back in late '03 to '04, everybody and their mama had a Black Album remix, as Skillz would put it in his yearly wrap-up. I even gave it a shot! But none could come close to the quality and controversy of DJ Danger Mouse's epic The Grey Album, earning threats from lawyers and critical acclaim from music pirates and fans alike. Being a lifelong Beatles fan and great admirer of all things Roc, Danger Mouse's The Grey Album, though not an "official release", was one of my favorite albums of the year. Meticulously crafted, Mouse did one heck of a trippy job, twisting previously untouched Beatles material into a great backdrop for one of Jay's most solid efforts (along with Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint). Included in this set are all the Beatles' tracks which were used for DM's work, as well as a Hip-Hop classic and a Portuguese rarity. I hope you enjoy this funky, funky set!


  1. That's funny... I was SO gonna do this one! LOL

  2. this is the only thing i've heard off of your blog man, and its absolutely dank.
    turns jay-z's normally serious tracks from the black album into a wonderful place.