Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Redman - Dare Iz a Darkside [The Samples]

Okay, okay: This is the last exclusive for a little while (damn! 7 sets in 3 days!)... As I was telling a friend earlier in the week, I think Redman is maaaaaad underrated and overlooked to say the least. Not only is he a talented cat who can earn a rep as a smart emcee and still pass as a Grade A stoner, he's also a phenomenal producer: definitely overlooked in that department. They don't call him Funk Doc' for nothin'! Enjoy this mix of tripped-the-fluck-out tracks!


  1. i agree man. redman is too hard. i'd put him and meth in my top ten of all time. he's consistent and always brings heat. he doesn't take a verse off.

  2. I cannot thank you enough for this one Ivan. It's my favourite Redman (hell, fav Def Squad) album and the samples were as much of a highlight as Redman's verses. MUCH love for going to the Darkside.

  3. I KNEW there'd be some folks out there who'd appreciate this set as much as I do.

    Kudos y'all!

  4. greatness. any methodman album samples?

  5. No way! I was just getting all the hip-hop from my school days and found this page. Putting the samples from Red's albums together was a masterstroke!

    Jam 4 U has to be one of my favourite hiphop tracks of all time!!

    Nice work!