Monday, April 14, 2008

Myspace Mondays with... SoulKlap


Myspace Mondays are back in full effect, and guess who we've got this week? The next Kanye? Could be. SoulKlap is that rare combination of an emcee and producer who's certified nice on both ends. Soulful production meshed with natural rhymes is what Klap's all about. I guess I'm just a sucker for songs that sample Supertramp, but when I first heard SoulKlap's 'Little Dreamer' I knew I'd be in for plenty more great music from this cat outta Cleveland. His production technique matches well with his raw vocals which eerily remind me more and more of a young (circa '03/'04) Kanye back in the glory days of Roc-A-Fella. Rightfully so, SoulKlap lists Jay and 'Ye as two of his inspirations. Speaking from the soul, he also draws from legends like Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder to name a few. Aside from 'Little Dreamer' which is currently on his Myspace, he's also got a track up there titled 'Me and Music' (go check it out!). These two joints come straight from his new web-released album 'Soul-Xploitation' which can be downloaded right here for a nominal sum.

Fifteen tracks deep, SoulKlap touches on plenty of key topics in his work. Being a political cat, one of my favorites on 'Klap's new album is a cut called 'Blind Faith' which discusses the ongoing war(s) in the Middle East and the deception waged by the current administration. SoulKlap speaks from the perspective of a soldier on a never-ending tour: over and over again. The thoughts and emotions on this track felt so tangible and real that I had to mention it. Other great songs like 'The Girl Inside' and 'Nights and Weekends' find 'Klap in a more tender light, with expressive rhymes matched seemlessly with his great soulful production (in particular, many of them remind me of the kind of beats that guys like Rae, M-E-T-H or Ghost or would wanna thrash all over).

Point blank period, SoulKlap's style distinctly resembles an underground Kanye. I've said it before about guys like Black Milk, and 'Klap is certainly another example of this sound. He keeps it out of the box though, and doesn't stick to a claustrophobic formula, flowing from heavy break beats ('The Movement') to lush melodies ('Procrastination').

Recently, SoulKlap also crafted an American Gangster remix album: one of the better ones I've heard as of yet. The title? Simply 'Soulful Gangster'. You'll be blown away by how Soul flipped these raw joints. You can preview a few of them on his Myspace page for raps, but he's got more on his beats Myspace page. Back to his 'Soul-Xploitation' release: If you wanna get a preview for what the album's all about, he's posted up a lengthy sampler right here.

Whatchu think? Click the cover below to get more info:

With his remixes to 'American Gangster' and his 'Soul-Xploitation' album out, 'Klap's setting the internet ablaze with that soulful heat. He's also got an upcoming 9th Wonder tribute set on the way, so keep your eyes open for that one as well. Like yours truly and previous Myspace Mondays featured artists Inverse, SoulKlap also maintains a blog with new music and other great content, so be sure to stay RSS'd up for more! To wrap things up, lemme quote SoulKlap:

“I want to make authentic music from my soul, and make listeners’ souls clap.”


Myspace Page (Raps)
Myspace Page (Beats)
SoulKlap @ Blogspot

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  1. His American Gangster Remix album was sick.

  2. This dude has some skills

  3. I def see the Ye' comparisons..I think he's a bit more lyrical than Ye' was at this stage though..not a jab at Ye at all but dude sounds like he's a spitter..