Saturday, April 5, 2008

KRS-One & DJ Premier - Premo Production

One of the greatest producers to ever touch a sampler. One of the greatest rappers to ever bless a mic. When KRS-One & DJ Premier combine, it's a force to be reckoned with. This compilation is all KRS over Premo beats, except for a few tracks featuring Premo. One of these is an interlude; the other has Premier on scratches. "The Victory" is especially significant because it sees KRS working with 3 different people he's had beefs with in the past.

1. Legendary producer Marley Marl, whom he first dissed on "The Bridge Is Over" 21 years ago, and who produced KRS's Hip Hop Lives in its entirety.

2. Blaq Poet, who went after Kris during the Bridge Wars.

3. DJ Premier, who prior to Hip Hop Lives, hadn't worked with KRS since his 1995 self-titled album.

My aim here was to collect every track with KRS & Premo on it together in one place. Anything I missed? Feedback? Let me know in the comments!


01 Intro: KRS-One Attacks (Prod. by DJ Premier)
02 Outta Here (Prod. by DJ Premier)
03 'P' is Still Free (Prod. by DJ Premier)
04 Mortal Thought (Prod. by DJ Premier)
05 I Can't Wake Up (Prod. by DJ Premier)
06 Slap Them Up (Interlude feat. DJ Premier)
07 Higher Level (Prod. by DJ Premier)
08 1,2, Pass It (Prod. by DJ Premier feat. D&D All Stars)
09 1, 2 Pass It (DJ Premier Remix feat. D&D All Stars)
10 Rappaz R N Dainja (Prod. by DJ Premier)
11 MC's Act Like They Don't Know (Prod. by DJ Premier)
12 Wannabemceez (Prod. by DJ Premier feat. Mad Lion)
13 Bring It to the Cypher (Prod. by DJ Premier feat. Truck Turner)
14 The Victory (Prod. by Marley Marl feat. Blaq Poet & DJ Premier)
15 Classic (DJ Premier Remix feat. Kanye West, Nas & Rakim)
16 Criminal Minded '08 (Smirnoff Signature Mix) (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Bonus: Peep Vol.1 of HHIR's Premo production collection here, featuring Jay-Z & Nas over DJ Premier tracks.


  1. speaking of primo are you going to the primo, pete rock battle on april 19th? shits going to be fire!

  2. Rebel: Where is this happening? I probably can't go, but that sounds amazing.

  3. RR: Shitttttt.... I hadn't heard of it. I'll look into it. Sounds EPIC.... You going?

  4. You're missing Truck Turner & KRS-One - Bring Bring It To The Cypher.