Monday, April 14, 2008


What you're looking at is Estelle, a fine ass young black UK woman, storming the charts with her latest single American Boy. However some muthafizzucks seem to disagree i.e. her record label. Rumors have been circulating that Atlantic Records want her to get her teeth fixed to "help her break into the US charts".
Do a good set of straight pearly whites guide you to success? *plugs himself* If so, I should be one of the most successful males EVER!
But...I'm not one of the most successful males EVER & a straight set of pearly whites does not guarantee you success, an example; J. Holiday.

Are Atlantic right to suggest this? Is Estelle fine? Why has J. Holiday been successful with his ugly set of gnashers?
Leave your views on these questions in the comments.


  1. Didn't seem to be much of a problem for Amy...

  2. Yes, for sure. I could have chosen Wino as an example, but she has worser problems than a bad set of teeth.

  3. It says something when labels think you have to look good to sell records and have the nerve to tell their artists how to look. I can't say I'm a big fan of Estelle's music but she looks fine the way she is. Remember industry rule 4080 kids.

  4. Record Label... RECORD=MUSIC.. MUSIC=take it for what it is.. the point in the beginning is to spread good music..

    it's all a business..

  5. If you got a hit record you can be as ugly as you wanna be!!!